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Keyboard KV-300H

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Product Description

Thin; sleek design keeps your hands in a relaxed and neutral position for effortless typing. With the A4TECH Keyboard KV-300H; you can type naturally with the standard keyboard layout you were used to. It also features the ultimate key system makes every stroke natural and fluid; and the soft-touch palm rest and full-size key layout helps you type with enhanced comfort and ease!

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Other Details

Intel® Core™ i7 3612QM processor 2.10GHz turbo upto 3.10Ghz
15.6" High Definition WLED True Life Display
2.65 kg
1000 GB hard disk 5400RPM
1GB dedicated DDR3 graphics - AMD Radeon HD 7670M
More than 3 hours battery life
1.0 megapixel HD Web Cam

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